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Lobbying Groups & Referendum Campaigns

As Christians and members of the Catholic Church, we are compelled to stand up for what is right. As citizens, we have the duty and privilege of accomplishing this service via peaceful and political means throughout each archdiocese. Bannon has played a strong role in past lobbying campaigns, and we welcome future opportunities to promote Christ-centered values in our communities.

We have assisted with action...

People for Parental Involvement (CO)

  • 1994-- provided management and fundraising consultation to the proponents of a constitutional amendment requiring notice of one custodial parent prior to the performance of an abortion on a minor.

Maryland Vote kNOw Coalition (MD)

  • 1991-1992-- developed plan & assisted in formation of board to combat Senate Bill 162, an expansion of abortion law in Maryland; assisted in campaign consultation; developed media strategy in conjunction with Princeton-Fairfax Communications

Missouri Right to Life (MI)

  • 1989-1991-- designed strategies that stopped N.A.R.A.L. petition drive; developed short and long range plans for the organization

Citizens for Responsible Government, Inc. (CO)

  • 1988-- developed campaigns plans, staff training, & plan monitoring for Amendment 7, dealing with tax funding of abortion

Right to Life of Michigan (MI)

  • 1988-developed campaign plans, staff training, & plan monitoring services for Proposal A, which dealt with tax funding of abortions.

Teach Michigan Education Foundation (MI)

  • 1992-1993-- developed strategic plan & provided consultation for education choice group

California Proposition 161 (CA)

  • 1992-- California state anti-euthanasia campaign; managed field component & raised all funds for campaign

VoteNo on 119 (Washington State Human Life Committee)

  • 1991-- Washington State Euthanasia Referendum; planned campaign strategy, organized & trained management for opposition to referendum; assisted in preparation of media, in conjunction with Princeton-Fairfax CommunicationsLobbying Groups & Referendum Campaigns