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Plan Development

Bannon recognizes the crucial role of Plan Development to your business or ministry. From mission-statement design to complete annual operations plans, we facilitate the necessary steps to meet your unique needs, concerns and goals. For further infrastructure development, contact Bannon for consulting services, parish services and diocese services.

Past projects include:

St. Peter's Catholic Church (Columbus, OH)

  • Facilitated pastoral-planning process, including survey process

Church of the Risen Christ (Denver, CO)

  • Facilitated pastoral-planning process
  • Designed home-visit census and survey process

Diocese of Wilmington (Wilmington, DE)

  • Conducted high school management team training
  • Conducted management audit of diocesan finance offices
  • Designed/facilitated long-range planning process

Diocese of Youngstown (Youngstown, OH)

  • Designed/facilitated processes for five-year plans
  • Designed/facilitated 15-month priorities study, resulting in five-year plan

Diocese of Steubenville (Steubenville, OH)

  • Facilitated annual plan review and development w/diocesan staff
  • Developed deanery councils
  • Planned/organized diocesan-wide home-visits census and survey
  • Designed/organized/facilitated diocesan synod

Diocese of Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Developed parish pastoral council handbook
  • Designed/facilitated long-range planning process for diocesan pastoral planning

I Can't Believe It's Yogurt (Dallas, TX)

  • Facilitated development of annual operations plan
  • Managed/facilitated monthly computer-based follow-up
  • Facilitated development of corporate strategic three-year plan

Ohio State Highway Patrol (State of OH)

  • Produced retirement system staff study
  • Facilitated development of strategic plan

City of Columbus - Office of Management/Budget (Columbus, OH)

  • Facilitated development of strategic plan

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

  • Designed/facilitated homecoming and chapter processes for congregation
  • Designed/facilitated process for developing long-range plan

Diocese of Gary (Gary, IN)

  • Designed pastoral planning process for implementation in 11 parishes

Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent on the Hudson (New York, NY)

  • Designed/facilitated chapter process for congregation
  • Designed/facilitated post chapter process for congregation in developing long-range plan

Sisters of St. Benedict (Erie, PA)

  • Designed/facilitated community long-range planning process

Third Order Regular Franciscans (State of PA)

  • Designed/facilitated process for definition of congregation mission statement

Diocese of Joliet (Joliet, IL)

  • Facilitated consultation processes in preparation for a synod

Columbus Chapter of American Red Cross (Columbus, OH)

  • Managed monthly computer-based operational plan follow-up process
  • Designed/facilitated process for development of strategic and operational plans

Department of Highway Safety (State of OH)

  • Facilitated preparation of annual department plan and provided monitoring support

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Columbus, OH)

  • Facilitated preparation of annual department plan for four operating divisions

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (Columbus, OH)

  • Facilitated strategic and tactical planning

Carter Industries, Inc. (Salisbury, NC)

  • Provided consultation/facilitation in design and development of strategic and operating plans for corporation

Wendy's International, Inc. (Columbus, OH)

  • Provided consultation in planning, personnel management and training
  • Facilitated planning sessions

Williams Technologies (Columbus, OH)

  • Facilitated preparation of strategic plan